A masterclass on creating stunning videos for IG Reels, TikToks, Live Video and your Course Content


[Thursday June 23rd, 12 PM CST]

- Replay will be available -


Video Traffic Will Make Up

82% of consumer traffic this year.

66% of People

Would rather watch a short video about a product or service than read text. 

94% of people

watch explainer videos to understand a product or service better.

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Thursday, June 23rd 12 PM CST [Yes, there will be a replay]

Come see why using video marketing for your business and increasing your visibility will make your sales so much easier.

Become a Video Queen Workshop

Want to have a videographer break down the steps to creating stunning videos on your phone so your Reels, Live Videos, and Course Content become easier to create?

This workshop will cover the basic steps you need to remove your blocks around content creation and GO.


Attend this workshop if...

  • You are tired of watching other people's videos thinking, "I should've created that..."
  • You wonder "If I put myself out there more, could this be the catalyst for more opportunities?" [Spoiler Alert: Yes]
  • You have a social media presence that you would like to see increase and have more engagement.
  • The thought of creating videos feels time consuming and complicated so you never really try.

"I really enjoyed this video class. Beth is an amazing teacher with a very relatable personality. Thank you for offering this! "

Nance R.

"I filmed my first every video yesterday!!!!! I've been meaning to do this for YEARS. I know it will be even easier the next time I do it. "

Kristin H.

"Thank you so much Beth, you can't begin to imagine how much I have learned watching your masterclass."

Suzanne G.

Become a Video Queen

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